On Saturday, Great Britain celebrated the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II. Among the prepared surprises is a short film in which the king turns into an actress for a moment.

Paddington Bear visits the Queen

The video is two and a half minutes long. In it, we see Queen Elizabeth II spending time with Paddington. The teddy bear, as usual, soon wreaks havoc in the cruel world of Buckingham Palace. The queen joins in the fun.

The project was secretly created by the subjects of the British Queen. It was produced by BBC Studios, Heyday Films and Studiocanal in association with Buckingham Palace. Paddington is voiced by Ben Whishaw, who has previously played an adorable teddy bear in two feature films.

The Queen’s press staff announced in a special statement: Her Majesty is known for her sense of humor, so it should come as no surprise that she shares this food. She expressed great interest in the project and the opportunity to invite the famous teddy bear to tea was very interesting. Although the Queen may not appear in person at the concert, she really wanted people to understand how much this meant to her and how much she wanted everyone to have a good time.

Queen and Paddington Bear – Watch the video:

You can watch the full version of the movie on Twitter: