We may see Quake Reboot next week. Bethesda continues to invite players to the big event, but the publisher and producer have decided to change an important detail. The company doesn’t mention the “updated version” anymore.

Yesterday, I informed our community of the QuakeCon 2021 schedule, where at the beginning of the show we will see an interesting presentation – ID Software and MachineGames will talk about the 25th anniversary of the Quake brand.

Yesterday, in the description of this event, an annotation appeared, stating that the developers will discuss the content that will be prepared by the creators responsible for the Wolfenstein brand:

“Teams will also discuss what additional content MachineGames has added to this revamped edition.”

Bethesda has already removed this reference, which is direct confirmation that Quake Reboot is indeed being created. In this case, the publisher decided not to deny the circulating rumors in order not to create undue interest in the post, but simply to leave the situation without comment.

Shpeshal_Nick reacted differently, which He was the first to announce Quake Reboot. The insider mentioned that his sources are apparently good.

Source: https://www.ign.com/articles/quake-leak-suggests-revitalized-edition-quake-annopped-quakecon