The well-received project from the little Ember Lab seems to have succeeded – the creators intend to develop their game further and add new elements that will make the gameplay itself even better.

Qena: The Bridge of Souls It debuted a few days ago and it turned out to be a huge success. Some editorial offices were happy about it I decided to issue the highest note possible. Fans also liked the project very much, but the Ember Labs team knows that’s not the end of the work – anyway, We get new patches all the time since the first showWhich is supposed to remove even the smallest errors.

Recently, Mike Greer – the co-founder of the studio responsible for creating the game had a very interesting interview. For IGN, talk a little bit about their plans for the future and the direction they intend to take with the further development of their project. From his words it follows that Fighting lovers will be more satisfied For those who love photography:

We definitely want to support the game [po premierze – przyp. red.]. We know people love to fight, so we’re thinking about what we can do to expand new dueling scenarios and possibly add combat content in the future as well.

I think we also want to make some updates to the image mode. People asked for some jobs that would be easy to do, so I think we’ll be supporting Kena for a while.

These are definitely words you would love to hear. Fans demand specific aspects, so the developers intend to do whatever it takes to deliver them. This is definitely one A form of consumer relationship building And the manufacturer is commendable. And given the great reviews I mentioned earlier, we’re talking about a very good start for Ember Labs in the gaming world.

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