Monument was erected. Maniac, of whom Lisk is ambassador, is in Szczecin for the third time. My favorite didn’t disappoint. Tested at heights: 5.35; It covered 5.55 and 5.70m without any problems. It was only at 5.80 when it broke the bar for the first time. When he defeated it on the second attempt, he was awarded a memorial victory, and Bowie Wojcovsky drove it away. On the second attempt, he also climbed 5.90 meters, improving the commemorative record by 9 cm, and taking the second best result of the season. He didn’t want to jump higher.

“There are a few meetings in front of me. I have to reasonably distribute my strength and results. Tomorrow I will jump in Międzyzdroje. Maybe there I will be able to beat the crossbar at a higher altitude” – said local columnist OSOT Szczecin after the record jump.

Lesik turned 28 on Sunday. Therefore, his relatives, including his parents, appeared on the stands of the stadium in Szczecin.

“I have lived in Szczecin for nine years and I feel like a resident of Szczecin. I like to jump here and I like being carried by this crowd. I do not celebrate my birthday. They even bother me a little. I tried not to think about them, and as you can see from the results, I did it effectively”, Lasik said.

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The competition with a good international staff was also exciting. It turned out to be mainly the rivalry between Michel Haratik and German David Storl. The Polish guaranteed victory in the third attempt by pushing the ball over a distance of 21.15 meters and the opponents were unable to exceed the 21-meter limit.

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Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik was the first to finish the race at the women’s extraordinary 300 meters.

“I used to run 200 meters before, now 300 meters. I’m slowly reaching the normal 400 meters. It’s getting better.” “Angels” competitors said to Matusinski, whose start in Szczecin was one of the first preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year, ” I didn’t expect to win today, but I won. “



1. Holly Bradshow (Wielka Brytania) 4,70
2. Kamila Przybyła (Polska)         4,20
3. Anna Łyko (Polska)                4,20

100 m 
1. Wiktoria Grzyb   12,29
2. Joanna Nadłonek   12,37
3. Anna Reichert     12,68 

400 m ppł
1. Jessie Knight (Wielka Brytania) 55,45 
2. Joanna Linkiewicz (Polska)      56,16 
3. Karolina Pahlitzsch (Niemcy)    57,62

300 m
1. Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik (Polska) 37,45 
2. Kornelia Lesiewicz (Polska)       37,96 
3. Anna Pałys (Polska)               38,34 

800 m 
1. Alexandra Bell (Wielka Brytania) 2.00,28
2. Adelle Tracey (Wielka Brytania)  2.00,99
3. Elena Bello (Włochy)             2.01,34  

3000 m z przeszkodami
1. Isabel Mattuzzi (Włochy)     9.50,37 
2. Matylda Kowal ((Polska)      9.59,31 
3. Mariola Ślusarczyk (Polska) 10.23,87


100 m
1. Dominik Kopeć (Polska)   10,55
2. Oliwier Wdowiak (Polska) 10,56
3. Damian Trzeska (Polska)  10,67

400 m
1. Jakub Krzewina (Polska)          45,59
2. Luka Jenezic (Słowenia)          45,85
3. Livmarvin Bonevacia (Niderlandy) 46,26 

200 m
1. Dominik Kopeć (Polska)    20,97
2. Oliwer Wdowiak (Polska)   21,10
3. Damian Trzaska (Polska)   21,11

1000 m
1. Filip Sasinek (Czechy)     2.17,05
2. Ignacio Fontes (Hiszpania) 2.17,29 
3. Michał Rozmys (Polska)     2.17,30

1. Piotr Lisek (Polska)         5,90
2. Paweł Wojciechowski (Polska) 5,55
3. Jules Cypres (Francja)       5,55

1. Michał Haratyk (Polska)     21,57
2. Dawid Storl (Niemcy)        20,58
3. Marcus Thomsem (Norwegia)   20,10.