Due to international sanctions against Russia and Russian oligarchs, the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg (SPIEF) may have an extraordinary course this year. According to Bloomberg Some businessmen may not attend the event, others want to leave before Putin’s speech.

Previous Forum meetings were an opportunity to promote Russia and present this country in the best possible light. In St. Petersburg in the past, among other things, President Emmanuel Macron from FranceChinese leader Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This year, the guest group will be completely different. The Russians will host representatives of the Afghan Taliban, the Minister of Investment in the Myanmar military government and the head of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

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Russia has used past meetings to demonstrate its successes, and business leaders can show that they have connections and money, says Jekaterina Schulmann, a political scientist and fellow of Germany’s Robert Bosch Academy, who moderated the SPIEF panel discussions last year, citing Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg’s anonymous sources, some Conference participants requested that their identities not be entered on the identity cards carried by the participants. To make identifying them more difficult.

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