The 38 politicians receiving treatment in hospitals make up eight percent of the State Duma – the Russian parliament. Of the 38, one is also in the intensive care unit. According to the latest figures, 17,347 new cases were reported, including 5,224 cases in the capital, Moscow.

There were also 219 new deaths reported as the country struggles to contain the virus.

The Kremlin has now warned that the virus is spreading outside the capital with the second wave of coronavirus strikes.

Although the authorities assured the public that they have the capacity to deal with the virus, the government acknowledged that the scenario was worrying.

Federal and regional governments are now working to try to contain the outbreak.

Government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “The situation is very dangerous.

“The epidemic has swept through the regions and moved to the east from Moscow,” he added.

A local media,, reported that seven people died in the city of Rostov-on-Don when the local hospital’s oxygen supply ran out.

Local government officials denied the allegation.

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Like the United Kingdom, Russia also has its own vaccine in production.

Russia has become one of the first countries to grant regulatory approval for a vaccine.

Sputnik V is currently undergoing human trials, while organizers also approved a second vaccine earlier this month.

Peskov added: “At present, unfortunately, the whole world is facing new record numbers of Coronavirus cases.

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“This is the reality we live in and we must all fight it.”

According to government statistics, there are 349,305 currently undergoing treatment for the virus.

The average death rate in Russia is 1.72% while the number of deaths is 26,050.