– It was very hot in Tehran yesterday, in addition to 38 degrees Celsius and the air conditioning was very strong there. Therefore, I am sorry – said Vladimir Putin, whose words were quoted by Reuters. The Russian president explained that he had a mild cold.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also commented on the matter. During the briefing on Thursday, he said that Vladimir Putin’s health was “fine”.

– You know that Ukrainian information specialists, as well as the Americans and the British, have thrown various false information about the president’s health in recent months. He said this was just fake news.

The world media is closely watching Vladimir Putin, looking for signs that may indicate his illness. Journalists have repeatedly commented on, among other things, the fact that during meetings with other people the Russian president keeps a large distance, for example by sitting on the other side of a very long table. There is also speculation about Putin’s cancer and psychological problems. Experts also pay attention to the way he walks and the position of his hands.

On July 19th we wrote about Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran. In the recording circulated on social media, you can see the President of Russia getting out of the plane and directing his steps towards the delegation waiting for him. Putin first jumped off the stairs, then shook hands with Iran’s oil minister, Javad Ovi, visibly limping.

Sources: Reuters, Onet.pl

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