Sony heard community feedback to improve ALLM. The latest firmware does not force players to use the functionality available in newer TVs and we can easily turn it off.

PS5 owners can download the firmware marked with 22.01-05.50. This isn’t just another take on “System Performance Optimization”, because while these improvements were also found in the files, the company took advantage of the feedback to provide the expected functionality.

At the end of March, the PS5 received support for ALLM (automatic low latency mode), that is, automatic low latency mode, but as it turned out – the Japanese decided not to add any additional functions.

The latest firmware changes this situation and provides the option to set or disable ALLM:

– If you are using a TV that supports ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode), you can adjust the ALLM settings in the region [Ustawienia] > [Ekran i wideo] > (video output) > [ALLM].

– When selecting an option [Automatyczne] The TV will automatically switch to low latency when games are started.

– When selecting an option [Wyłącz] ALLM will only be activated when the TV is used in VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

– This system software update improves system performance. “

The situation was problematic for players who didn’t want to use ALLM because they had TVs that offered different functions, and as you know, the PS5’s Auto Low Latency mode prevented access to the options. Now, however, we will be able to disable or adjust ALLM, which will positively affect the player experience.

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Firmware 01/22/05 is 1.061 GB.