This time Sony Eye Microsoft He did not repeat the mistakes of 2013 when it was put up for sale Playstation 4 And Xbox One. These consoles already had very serious performance issues on the day of their release. The Xbox One didn’t even guarantee 1080p resolution, and the PS4 didn’t perform much better here. There were also no strong exclusive games that would justify replacing equipment with new ones.

TechnoTerapia is a technology podcast for In the new episode, Daniel Mykovsky and Robert Kudzirsky take a look at new generation hardware one year after the premiere. There was also the RetroTech series, where we remember the heyday of Gadu-Gadu communication.

Both PlayStation 5 what or what Xbox Xbox X not at all Problems With efficiency They do not have. Both devices are equipped with powerful proprietary systems AMD Zen 2 with graphics RDNA2Allowing comfortable gameplay in 4K and 60fps. Another important novelty is the very fast SSD NVMe memory, which virtually eliminates loading of phases in games.

So much in theory, and how do PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X work in practice? How do the cheaper and slightly less efficient Xbox Series S consoles deal with them? One year after the premiere, we decided once again to take a closer look at the latest Sony i MicrosoftIt is also evaluated in terms of: Design, efficiency, work culture, games available And the prices.

Google and Facebook rule the world. Can anyone stop this domination? [PODCAST]

Who emerged victorious from this clash? Listen to the latest episode of the TechnoTerapia podcast.

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