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December 14, 2021, 21:35

A vulnerability has been released for PS4 version 9.0 that allows you to install your own software on the console?? Including pirate games. It should work on PS5 as well, but due to the lack of hardware, hackers are unable to verify this.


  • to exploit ?? pOOBs4?? It allows you to install your own software on a PS4 console with firmware 9.0.
  • It can also be played on PS5.

It looks like PlayStation 4 consoles may soon sail into pirate waters. Three pirates?? SpecterDev, ChendoChap and Znullptr (together with two others, dubbed Sleirsgoeva and TheFloW) ?? It has just released a new vulnerability for the PS4 and PS4 Pro kernel system. this is, Call Pops 4And It allows, among other things, for a much easier installation of your own software on PS4 for a larger group of players, And therefore ?? Also from unauthorized copying of games.

Requires network access and a USB key containing a special file. Once powered on, the console is ready to use third-party tools such as Mira project d?? GOLDHEENWhich, to some extent, allows you to upload your own apps to the console.

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This is clearly not the first OnceWhen hackers breach PS4 security. Although previous exploits allowed unauthorized software to be installed on a Sony console, often They forced their users to stick with the specific firmware (now outdated)?? ?? Thus depriving them of the possibility to use some functions (and games that require newer versions of the system).

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However, the above mentioned pOOBs4 is claimed to be more stable than its predecessors and is working on the latest firmware version ?? 9.0which was released on September 15th. On December 1 she was responsible for ?? It was replaced by version 9.03?? With the patched vulnerability used by pOOBs4.

The trading of the loophole signals started yesterday, right after the video was published Twitter by SpecterDev, where he showed an external program that works on PS4 version 9.0. After a few hours Znullptr confirmedThe vulnerability is real and will likely work on PS5 as well. However, this console version does not exist at the moment, because a hacker? PlayStation 5 has not yet been acquired.

PlayStation 5 is still available badTherefore, such a turn of events should not surprise anyone. This exploit will likely focus Sony more on meeting PS5 demand faster.


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PS4 is broken 8 years after release, PS5 security may be compromised - Illustration #1

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