Sony may bring its answer to Xbox Game Pass soon. Early users saw their PS Plus offerings combined with PS Now. This is how the still mysterious PS Plus Spartacus is supposed to work.

At the end of last month, we received a number of details about the new Sony service. The news was presented by a well-known journalist who even received information about the prices that players will have to pay for each Sony offer.

The Japanese have not yet released details, but it is very likely that they will come soon. Italian IGN confirms it Several NeoGAF forum users are reporting PlayStation Plus connection with PlayStation Now – players on their accounts, rather than two separate services, watch one in the form of PS Plus.

Someone else is reporting it After renewing PlayStation Plus, the PlayStation Now offer automatically appeared on her account as a gift.

It’s very likely that these are minor Sony mishaps, but in the face of numerous leaks regarding the service and the alleged PlayStation render – we can assume that the Japanese company’s engineers are already up and running.

We still have to wait for the details to be confirmed, but everything tends to one moment – Sony will propose its universal service in the future.

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