Sony may expand PS Plus in the future, to provide customers with an additional offering. Eurogamer editors have heard of the plan, which may interest some users. However, the “premium” offer will have to be paid additionally.

PlayStation Plus gathers mixed opinions – although towards the end of last year and the beginning of 2021 we heard about many enthusiasts of the proposed games, the latest products made by Sony do not receive such positive reviews.

However, the situation may change in the future due to PS Plus will likely be expanded with a “premium” offer. Today We reported Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll and the desire to integrate the platform with Funimation – This deal is for the Japanese producer to use.

British Eurogamer editors report that Sony is studying a “plan” for “Crunchyroll Proposal as Part of the Most Expensive PlayStation Plus Premium Offer”. In this case, users can pay for one service, and receive not only PS Plus games, but also see additional productions.

We will have to wait for a specific announcement, but there are likely to be people willing to use PS Plus Premium.