At the beginning of the month, the Japanese reported the new PlayStation Plus subscription products, which are now ready to download. Subscription holders will be able to check out 3 offers.

Last week, we reported on Sony’s new subscription offer – titles that were due to appear in September were made available before the official announcement, so the PlayStation producer only had to confirm all reports.

Meanwhile, users of the service can already download the three proposed games – a list of two remastered items from the Overcooked series, the atmospheric story of Agent 47, which debuted at the end of 2018, and a PVP shooter that Predator fans can appreciate waiting to be vetted. .

PS Plus for September is now available:

Remember that when presenting the last financial report, Sony confirmed that there are 46.3 million PlayStation Plus subscribers. Although there has been some decline in interest in the service over the past six months, the company is monitoring the situation and plans to further enhance commitment among active players.