The United States, the European Union, and the Group of Seven will soon announce a new package of sanctions against Russia. As agreed by Bloomberg, It will include a clause prohibiting any investment in this country – An official familiar with the matter informed the agency.

In addition, the restrictions are also intended to affect management representatives Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russian officials and their family members will be on the “blacklist”. Sanctions will also apply to financial institutions and state-owned companies.

Will sanctions be applied to Putin’s daughters?

The West aims to “weaken the power of the Russian state.” Bloomberg quoted an anonymous official as saying it was also aimed at inflicting “serious and immediate economic damage to Russia”.

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The European Union will take another step forward. Its sanctions extend to the daughters of the Russian president. According to the agency’s sources, their names are on the proposed list of people to be restricted.

In addition to these, the European Union also wants to impose sanctions on others: politicians, oligarchs and their families, and some Kremlin Preachers.

No more coal and Russian trucks?

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