The chosen consumer will appear as an avatar in Train Sim City on Xbox. The fee for being in the game for at least one year will be more than $20,000, or more than 100,000. zloty.

The obvious brand Pringles (The Kellogg Company) accepts requests from people who want to appear in the game as a so-called non-playable character. This is a character that the player cannot control. It’s Train Sim City. The goal of the players is to build and manage the railway network in the city. The character used by Pringles will take on the role of the employee who empties the snack machine.

Those interested in participating in the game must record a video or photo with a package of chips and add a brief justification. Everything should be posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PringlesStayInTheGame.

The project is part of the creative platform Survival This Game, developed by Gray London Advertising Agency. A few months ago, a campaign website appeared.

On July 11, the brand will select 50 candidates. The winner will be chosen by August 29th. Offer valid only for Great Britain, France and Germany. No employment contract will be signed with the candidate. He will be rewarded for creating an avatar and participating in the game.

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