Prince William will never forgive his little brother anymore. Harry could get angry after what he’s planning to do. What are the foreign press reports?

Queen Elizabeth II She is the largest reigning monarch in the history of Great Britain. The Queen recently turned 96, but the official celebration of her birthday will take place in June and will coincide with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of her coronation. The event will host Trooping The Color parade, which has been canceled in recent years due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the most important members of the royal family will appear on the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The governor also invited Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who split almost two years ago from the House of Windsor, and although they won’t be on the balcony, it promises to be a raucous comeback. Most worried are those who believe the Sussexes will use the anniversary for their own purposes. William, however, intends to address this. What are the foreign press reports?

Prince William will piss off Harry

When the Queen recently said the Sussex family won’t be able to join the royals working on the balcony during the show color forces On next month’s Platinum Jubilee, the courtiers were surprised to find the couple nonetheless insisting they would come anyway.

Detectives say William is angry.

His biggest concern is that they’re apparently filming a Netflix documentary, and that a family smash movie — welcome or not — will clearly increase the viewership Netflix is ​​looking for, New Idea whistleblowers say. “William is worried that they will try to outwit them all and spoil the Queen’s Day.”

royal expert Phil Dampier Add:

The Sussexes play their games at the Queen’s expense, and she doesn’t deserve it at the age of 96, when her health is deteriorating.

There have been leaks that William is ready to block the production of his brother’s movie. That would make Harry angry. Diana’s children don’t seem to come to an agreement quickly.

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