Touching moment Prince William, 3, wipes his mother, Princess Diana’s nose, in footage uncovered from a 1985 photoshoot.

  • An undisclosed clip shows 3-year-old Prince William helping Princess Diana bring back makeup
  • Footage captured during a 1985 family shoot with Prince Harry and Charles
  • The Princess of Wales wrinkles her nose as the Duke of Cambridge presses her face

The discovered footage shows the remarkable moment when three-year-old Prince William helps his mother, Princess Diana, put her makeup back on during a 1985 family photo shoot.

In the recently circulated video Social mediaThe Duke of Cambridge, now 38, can be seen gently dressing his mother’s face with a piece of powder as they join the one-year-old Prince Charles and Prince Harry in a series of professional photos.

The Princess of Wales, in a sky blue plaid V-neck dress with her perfectly polished blond locks, can be seen gently running her nose as the family touches the powder.

Little Prince William, with glossy blonde hair, wears an elegant red and white shirt, along with matching leggings.

A gorgeous clip that was spotted shows three-year-old Prince William helping his mother, Princess Diana, to put her makeup back on during a family photo shoot in 1985 (pictured)

It wasn’t long before jubilant royal fans took to the comments section to praise these enthusiastic shots.

“Very sweet,” one commented, while another was excited, “I love this!”

A third added, “Very pretty. Young makeup artist.”

In official photos from the photo session, taken by Tim Graham, Princess Diana can smile alongside Prince Harry and Prince William at the piano at Kensington Palace.

A video posted earlier that day shows the younger brothers banging keys excitedly.

Royals fans were delighted with the footage discovered, as many described it as

Royals fans were delighted with the discovered footage, with many describing it as “too sweet” (pictured)

The Princess of Wales with her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, at the piano at Kensington Palace during the 1985 photo shoot

The Princess of Wales with her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, at the piano at Kensington Palace during the 1985 photo shoot

Seen by the glowing Princess Diana and the proud Prince Charles, the three-year-old William encouraged to kiss his one-year-old brother.

He was hesitant at first, but then landed a cheeky Harry’s head to cheer from the onlookers before quickly turning away.

At one point, Charles is spotted playing a game of peekaboo with a handkerchief to encourage his children to look in the right direction of the camera.

Just like every other child, princes show a mischievous, endearing side – they run away, hide under tables and walk out of their parents’ arms.

Harry, who was just learning to walk, crawled over to the photographer to take a closer look.

“Come on, Harry, go get him!” Someone shouted, maybe Diana, from behind the camcorder.