Tell Prince William, Kate Middleton’s husband How does the family spend Christmas? in conversation with Radiem Royal Marsden مستشفى Hospital. It is already known that his grandmother Queen Queen Elizabeth II You won’t be throwing a fancy dinner for the royal family before Christmas Eve. to Does not mean However Holidays in the royal family have been completely canceled.

Queen Elizabeth II had to make a difficult decision. She canceled the Christmas meeting with her loved ones!

Prince William and Kate Middleton. We know how they love to spend Christmas!

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who love Christmas, have managed to create their very own Christmas over the years. Little ‘Christmas Traditions’. The couple lived to see her Three offspring: Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6) and Louis the Younger (3). This is exactly the grandson of Elizabeth II who is busy with Princess Kate He spends this special time with them. They also see busy people at this time Cousins ​​and their children. Among the activities they participate in together Board games, movies as well as sports.

Prince Harry’s brother said in an interview with the radio.

Princess Charlotte is crazy about Shakira’s hit. The singer sent her a nice message!

He also told him Favorite movie is “Elf”. In 2003, with Will Farrell as Santa’s assistant. reveal it with Princess Kate Middleton is delighted to be in the Monopoly game. The son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana also loves to go out during the holidays on the slideBut he admits it frankly There is no special talent for this sport.

My fingers are everywhere. I look like a deer on ice. It’s really not very pretty. But I love ice skating.

– Recognizes a distance from the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Letitia and King Philip of Spain showed a beautiful birthday card. This year’s photography is unique!

Prince William admitted that he loves to eat good at Christmas!

William He admitted without embarrassment in a radio interview that He also looks forward to the Christmas dishes.

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