Those who thought The Prince was a standard heist movie can be disappointed.

A family comedy drama set in Great Britain for years. 60 with a known background image theft? Roger Michel, Director nothing hillHe’s back with his new movie, unfortunately, with the last movie. The creator passed away on September 22, 2021.

In the National Gallery in London, one of the most important museums in the world, hangs a painting of the Spaniard Francisco Goya A picture of the Duke of Wellington It depicts the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the years 1828-1830. However, in August 1961, the painting disappeared from the museum wall for a while due to audacious theft.

Kempton Bunton, a retired bus driver, entered the museum early this morning. He crept into the museum through the bathroom window, took out a small painting from the museum room, and went the same way. The painting stayed with him for four years, during which time the police were convinced that they were looking for a professional thief who had commissioned the theft. Meanwhile, Bunton sent poetic notes to the press, announcing that he would return the painting when a set amount had been donated to charity. Ponton did not steal the painting for his own benefit, it was a political act. The story, however, is not quite as simple as it seems.

It is the story of the theft of the famous painting, or rather the story of its ideal thief, studied by the British Roger Michel, director of the famous genre films: cult romantic comedies. nothing hill (1999), a thriller lane change (2002), drama Stand up to this love (2004) or comedy Weekend with the King (2012). Unfortunately, Michel did not live to see the official theatrical presentation of the film – he died in September last year at the age of 65. Michele’s films don’t have an original distinct feature, but it’s always a variety of genres, strong craftsmanship, and light films with an engaging story. This is also the case Prince.

with an important message

Kempton Bunton played by Jim BroadbentBrazilAnd the irisAnd the Moulin Rouge!), which looks great on screen as always, but with its standard analog repertoire. Helen Mirren as Dorothy Bunton, the wife of the main character, a somewhat malicious and down-to-earth cleaning lady, is much more interesting to watch. Fionn Whitehead plays the couple’s son, a somewhat lazy boy with a laid-back approach to life.

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The film begins with a scene of Ripont’s interrogation in the courtroom, in which he claims to be innocent of the charges for stealing the painting. In the course of the film, we get to know the main character, her family, and the motives that guide him better and better. Bunton is a local Robin Hood who fights for working-class rights by arguing with inspectors who regularly knock on his door to collect his TV taxes. The Buntons were not licensed by the BBC, but Kempton explained to them that although he had a TV, he had removed the BBC receiver from the receiver. Thus, he believes that the tax they are trying to impose on him is unfair. She has a lot of disagreement with the injustice of the world. Watching the news of Goya’s purchase on television, Kimpton is irritated that public money has been spent on “a portrait made by some Spanish drunk who painted a prince who was a pig to his people and voted against universal suffrage”.

Those who, however, proceeded to do so Prince It’s standard theft moviemay fail. The theft of the painting is only an excuse to tell a story about a family with its own problems, and most of all grief over the loss. We won’t find anything innovative in a Michella film, but we will get a light and durable film. Prince It’s a cute, smart, and engaging movie with an important message.