Mr. Clooney, 59, and Amal Clooney, 42, were among the 600 guests who watched Harry and Meghan tie the knot at St George’s Cathedral in 2018. But Rachel Johnson, the sister of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, claimed that the couple informed Princess Diana’s friend Caroline Bartholomew. They did not know Sussex.

Johnson wrote about Clooney’s surprising confession on the AirMail website, as well as claiming how the stars at a Sussex wedding could not have been close friends.

She said, “In 2018, there was a royal wedding full of celebrities who could not be old and dear friends of newlyweds.

Oprah, Bush, Bix, James Corden, and others went to Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and there’s a story making the rounds when Caroline Bartholomew, Diana’s ex-roommate, While waiting for the wedding to start, she turned to the couple by her side and asked them how they knew Harry or Meghan.

Al Clooney replied, “We don’t.”

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Prince Harry news: George Clooney admitted to Caroline Bartholomew that he does not know the Sussex family (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry news: George and Amal Clooney at the 2018 Sussex royal wedding

Prince Harry news: Rachel Johnson claimed that the Clooney family did not know Harry and Meghan before their wedding (Image: Getty)

Mr. and Mrs. Clooney were given seats next to Lady Caroline Warren, wife of Queen John Warren’s dynasty advisor, and opposite Princess Margaret’s son Vicount Linley.

Accounts of those attending the ceremony claimed the Hollywood star was well received at the wedding, and danced with Megan and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

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Reports from OK! A magazine alleged that Harry turned to Mr. Clooney for advice on living in Los Angeles, after the Duke and Duchess backed out of their royal duties earlier this year.

A source close to the Duke claimed to the magazine that Harry viewed the star as “an older brother figure,” adding, “Harry is grateful to have him in his corner.”

Prince Harry news: The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle at their royal wedding in 2018

Prince Harry news: The Sussex family is said to have spent time in the Clooney home in the UK (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry's news: George and Amal Clooney at Sussexus' royal wedding 2018

Prince Harry news: George reportedly invited the couple to Lake Como after their wedding (Image: Getty)

Omid Scobie and Caroline Durand write in their Sussex biography, “Finding Freedom,” that members of the royal family have become steadfast friends of the Clooney family.

According to the book, Meghan and Harry were twice invited to Clooney’s British home in Sonning, Oxfordshire.

The book also claimed that the Sussex family spent time in the property’s lake, as Cluny had “an area with a secluded roof and a traditional club-lined lounge area, heavy curtains, dark velvet, plush chairs, and a bar.”

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Finding Freedom said the Hollywood couple had invited Harry and Meghan to Lake Como just weeks after the royal wedding.

A source close to the Sussex family told the authors: “Megan and Amal spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool and playing with the twins while George and Harry were checking out George’s house.” Motorcycle collection.

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Harry took one of them with one of his guard officers. George had recently had an accident, so he’s not on his bike yet.

“The Duke and Duchess weren’t the only guests this weekend. Eugenie and her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, were already at the villa when Harry and Meghan arrived, and their visit interfered for a while.”

Prince Harry news: schedule Harry and Meghan to leave the royal family

Prince Harry’s news: The Sussex retreated from the royal family earlier this year (Photo: EXPRESS)

Prince Harry news: fact sheet about Meghan and Harry's wedding

Prince Harry news: The Sussex family got married on May 19, 2018 (Photo: EXPRESS)

Mr. Clooney also spoke in support of Megan, claiming that the constant interest in the Duchess is similar to the way Diana has been treated.

He added, “They are stalking Meghan Markle everywhere. She has been stalked and defamed.”

“She is a seven-month-pregnant woman, who has been stalked, discredited, and stalked the same way Diana was, and history is repeating itself.

“We have seen how that ends.”