It has been confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with their children in June this year. A source close to the couple said the parents were keen for their two children, Archie, 3, and Lily, 11 months, to spend time with their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, at HollywoodLife.

When Meghan and Prince Harry celebrated their fourth birthday on May 19, the couple decided to return to Britain for the first time since leaving royal life two years ago.

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The source also said: “Anniversaries are usually very modest. They love to spend it at home with their family. They will cook a delicious fresh meal, raise a glass of champagne and enjoy the happiness. Go for a walk near their home in Santa Barbara and have a great time exploring all the trails in your area , so there is no doubt that it is suitable for a walk.”

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex speak on stage at Global Citizen Live in New York on September 25, 2021 in New York. (John Lamparsky/Getty Images)

However, the couple had bigger things on their mind as they were planning to attend the Queen’s platinum anniversary celebrations. This event requires Sussex to go on a great journey. The source added: “But when it comes to the festivities, the focus is now more on the Jubilee and their big trip to Britain. Overall they are cautiously excited. They know all eyes will be on them and it is always stressful, but at the same time it will be an opportunity for them to show the world that they are what they are. They’re still such a big part of the family. And they’re very happy to be able to pull this off. The last thing they want to do is distract the Queen and honor and honor her.

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They went on to explain, “Harry has a unique relationship with her, as well as Meghan, and they can’t wait to spend time with her and see her relationship with Archie and Lily, which is what they are most excited about.” Plus, the fact that Lily will be one year old while traveling It only adds to the excitement. “The whole weekend will focus on the Queen, but it’s also Lily’s first birthday [June 4] So the time is really great that they are going to be able to celebrate this great achievement with the Queen and the rest of the Harry family.

In Prince Harry, a change in mentality was observed as he had previously said he would not bring his children to Britain for safety reasons.

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