The decision must have to do with Prince Charles’ plans, which he has been trying for a long time. The heir to the throne has always assumed that the moment he seizes power, he will “reduce the size” of the royal family. First of all, Carroll wants to “keep the times” and reduce court expenses.

Although the Windsors bring huge sums of money to the UK, some Brits do not like the fact that the royal family lives on their taxes.

A source from the royal family told the Daily Mail: “Charles has never kept the secret of wanting a weak royal family when he becomes king.”

A British news informant added: “Charles knew the public did not want to pay for a great property, and said the balcony at Buckingham Palace would likely collapse.”

In a high-profile interview with Oprah, Meghan said the racism prevailing at Buckingham Palace was the reason Archie was not awarded the title Prince. She also added, members of the royal family feared that Elizabeth II’s grandson would be born with an undesirable skin tone.

However, Archie is not the only ‘injured’ Elizabeth II’s grandson. The Queen has nine of them, and only three of them have noble titles – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, sons of Kate and William.

This is related to the King George V Decree of 1917, the purpose of which was to closely check the award of titles and reduce the number of reigning princes and princesses. An exception was made for the King’s children, the children of the King’s children and “the eldest surviving son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales”, in this case William.

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