The prime minister was asked at a press conference on Thursday whether people coming to Poland for Easter would be quarantined.

– In the case of the southern border we want additional restrictions on movement – announced Morawiecki. Additional restrictions could mean “quarantine or testing currently in place”.

He added that he had indications, especially from the leaders of the Visegrad group, that there were many cases of the virus mutated from southern Europe. He also mentioned that he had already discussed this issue in a group of experts.

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The conference also asked whether the government is considering imposing penalties on people who travel abroad without a valid reason. Great Britain contemplates such a model.


At that moment, we are not talking or discussing such a solution, but it is not at all possible. It all depends on the epidemiological situation – said Nidzelsky during a conference with the participation of Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki.

He added that border guards and nbspsanepid direct people crossing the border to quarantine, and this is done by mass transit, “unless it is about the southern border, because I remind you that there are also restrictions related to express transportation.” – and nbspsaid Morawiecki

When asked to comment on the most popular trips to & nbspegotic places (Zanzibar, Dominican Republic, Mexico – a few countries that don’t expect visitors to be tested or isolated), Adam Nidzelski indicated that such a trip is “extremely risky”.