“It was a very intense and important day. A large part of the US aid to refugees from Ukraine will go to Poland, and the US will increase the supply of LNG to Europe. However, the most important thing in this picture: the alliance between Poland and the United States is strong and important to the effectiveness of NATO,” The prime minister wrote on Facebook on Saturday evening. In the post, he posted a picture of him with the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Saturday afternoon The head of the Polish government with the president of the capital, Rafai Trsakovsky They accompanied President Biden during his visit on Saturday to the National Stadium in Warsaw, where he visited the point of granting a PESEL number to refugees from Ukraine.

Polish journalists asked Morawiecki about the part of the funds allocated by United States of America To help refugees from Ukraine, she can go to Poland. I told President Biden that he can count on Poland and that we also want to count on the United States. Jamil said in a meeting with President (Andrei Duda) that Article 5 is sacred And the Prime Minister replied, and he repeated it here also, it is a sacred article, that the United States stands behind Poland.

– The president promised me that a significant part of this pool of funds will go to Poland – to the Polish budget, to the budget of Polish NGOs. I have talked about it extensively now in Brussels, as well as with President Biden, because he also participated in it European Council meeting, as well as with our partners from other Member States – Morawiecki reported. He also expressed his conviction that in the next two or three weeks, money will flow into Poland from the USA and the European Union.