The Premier League He agreed to a new deal to show all of his matches live on British television, but fans will have to pay more for the franchise.

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced football behind closed doors, the Premier League has broken years of protocol, and competition business model, to show all matches live on TV. After the clubs reached an agreement on Friday, this practice will continue for the rest of October.

But the five matches every match day that will now be added to the schedules will only appear on the pay-per-view system. Each match is expected to cost £ 14.95, with the proceeds from the sale going directly to clubs rather than forfeit on match day. The move is potentially controversial, given the costs fans are already carrying to keep up with their clubs on the small screen.

Current monthly subscription to Sky Sports It costs £ 33.99 while the BT Sport Monthly Card costs £ 25. The price per match is also 50% more than the cost EFL clubs charge per match on their IFollow platform.

So far, no mechanism has been announced to allow season ticket holders, who have paid for the 2020-21 season but face the prospect of not seeing any matches in person, to stream their matches for free. It was only until the end of the month that the new arrangement was agreed upon, although it is likely to be a model the League will return to if it fails in its current attempts to persuade the government to allow the return of the fans.

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A Premier League spokesperson said: “The Premier League has worked closely with Sky Sports and BT Sport To submit this arrangement and grateful for their support. The agreement will be reviewed regularly in consultation with the clubs and in line with any decisions made by the government regarding the return of spectators to the stadiums.

“Football is not the same without fans in matches. The Premier League and our clubs remain committed to the safe return of the fans as quickly as possible.”