The ban is in line with our sanctions policy Arsenal London. The admirer may appeal the penalty imposed on him. Due to new regulations introduced by the Premier League aimed at combating manifestations of hatred and discrimination, fans may be punished with a stadium ban for life.

Procedures agreed by all 20 clubs Premier League Includes internet and personal assault. Arsenal has begun working with IT company Signify to help the club identify written violations on social media from anonymous accounts.

English Bukayo Saka He was one of three players to miss a penalty in the Euro 2020 final against Italy. Moments after the English lost the final against the Arsenal striker too Marcus Rashford And Jaduna Sancho Z Manchester UnitedThe wave of hate fell.

All three are black, and the users who posted offensive entries did not fail to mention this in their shameful statements. The club says it is in the process of identifying every racist entry and is cooperating with the police on this matter on an ongoing basis.

We will take all necessary and most stringent measures against the perpetrators who have been identified as season ticket holders. The Arsenal statement says, where appropriate, we will report cases to the relevant services.

Swiss Granite Shaka He said in February that he would like to meet all the people who insulted his family on the Internet. Twitter has admitted that the UK was the main source of racist entries after England lost the Euro 2020 final. British police have already arrested 11 people in the case. More investigations are underway.

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