– He’s still alive. Although some would like me dead. I know that there were even meetings between bishops who believed that the Pope’s condition was worse than what was officially said – said Francis on September 12 in Bratislava. The AdnKronos agency quoted the Pope’s words, referring to Father Antonio Spadaro, editor-in-chief of the Italian magazine “La Civalta Cattolica”.

In an interview published by Italian journalists, the head of the Catholic Church added that she knew that “there were meetings of bishops” who thought his condition was more serious and “they were preparing a secret meeting”. – patience! Thank God I feel good – the Pope is reassuring in conversation with the Jesuits.

– I didn’t want to decide on the operation, but the nurse convinced me. Nurses and nurses sometimes understand the situation better than doctors, because they are in direct contact with patients – added the Holy Father.

Francesc will turn 85 in December.

“Please pray, for I am a little old and a little sick, but not so much,” Pope Francis wrote in a letter to the elderly and sick priests from Lombardy, Italy. “You are going through old age, which is not a disease but a privilege,” he stressed, as he wrote to the high priests who gathered at Caravaggio near Bergamo.

He added that it is a privilege “to be like Jesus who suffers and bears the cross like him.”

For Francis, a society that cares for the sick is “rooted in Jesus.”

During the meeting to which the Pope sent the message, it was reported that nearly 300 priests died of COVID-19 in Italy. 92 of them are from Lombardy.

In the candid words of 84-year-old Francis, there is a reference to the major intestinal surgery he underwent in July. During his trip to Budapest and Slovakia, which ended on Wednesday, he was in great shape and endured the hardships of his intense program.

It has been a very intense and eventful journey for the 84-year-old Pope who underwent major intestinal surgery on the 4th of July.

No papal pilgrimage, it has been noted, has ever begun to depart so early: at 6 in the morning. and the gypsy community.

Pope Francis set out on his 34th trip abroad to Budapest for the closing mass of the International Eucharistic Conference, and then to Slovakia for a pastoral visit. Francesc visited Central Europe for the second time after visiting Poland in 2016.

The Italian correspondent for Telewizja Polsat Urszula Rzepczak, who traveled with the Holy Father on the papal plane, said Francesc was in very good shape and full of vitality. – We, the Vatican, were sometimes more tired than the Pope – added the Polsat journalist.

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