Monument to the saint. Martha was already included on January 29 in the general Roman calendar before the Second Vatican Council, but Saint Martha. Lazarus and St. Maria was originally excluded due to uncertainty about Mary Magdalene’s identity.

The decree clarifies that these doubts “have been resolved in recent studies.” He notes that Mary and Lazarus were already mentioned on July 29 in the Roman Martyrdom, the official guide to the Church’s martyrs and saints.

The saints Martha, Mary, and Lazarus were three brothers who lived in Bethany, outside Jerusalem, at the time of Christ.

The papal decree, signed by Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Congregation for Divine Worship, states that “In Bethany’s house, Jesus experienced the spirit of family and friendship for Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, and therefore the Gospel of John states that he loved them.”

And he wrote in the decree: “Martha offered him with generous hospitality, and Mary listened attentively to his words, and Lazarus immediately left the tomb at the order of the one who humiliated death.”

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