A large channel with movies and entertainment that will completely disappear from TV in Poland in a month! I’m talking about Lifetime for women, which previously disappeared from telecasts. Polsat Box reminds of its impending removal. Why will this station be closed? What can you see in it?

Lifetime channel will be disabled in Polsat Box IPTV and OTT services. It will no longer be available in Poland

End the broadcast of the channel life times In Europe it has been advertised for a long time. First, the message is in . format satellite TVand then cable And Online. It’s time for this second and final stage – Polsat Box reminded its customers that at the end of May this item will finally disappear from the IPTV offer for cable TV and OTT Internet. Lifetime is still available at the following Polsat Box locations:

  • life times – IPTV cable TV: 986
  • life times – Internet TV Online OTT: 496

Lifetime previously disappeared from markets in the UK, Ireland and Malta. What is the reason for its complete closure? This should be noted in the low popularity of the content being broadcast there. This can be seen, for example, in Poland – data from Nielsen Media prove that in the first half of 2021, the age has reached a level 0.4% In the commercial group and not much higher – 0.5% – Generally. With these results, they are at the tail of the channels dedicated to lifestyle formats.

Official: The end of Cyfrowy Polsat and Ipla!  The new brands are Polsat Box and Polsat Box Go.  What will change for the TV operator?

What can you watch on Lifetime? The station – apart from lifestyle content – also offers viewers feature films and documentaries, as well as entertainment programmes. Upon news of the planned closure, Polish operators previously moved it to remote locations on their lists. This happened in the case of Channel +And Polsat صندوق Fund And Netia.

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Source: https://satkurier.pl/news/217018/koniec-lifetime-hd-w-iptv-i-ott-polsat-box.html

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