An interview with Joseph Ripa, a Yalla resident who has lived in Chicago for many years Christmas Overseas: Traditions are cultivated more than in Poland. Citizens not only blend in very quickly, but they also celebrate American style.

– Christmas in Poland has a very solemn character, although shops, radio and television stations began to “celebrate” for a dozen or so years, and then the city authorities celebrated by lighting Christmas trees in the markets a few weeks before December 25. Almost everything is American style. How is it in the United States?
Americans count the time from vacation to vacation. The period of Christmas is most noticeable since Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving, which the Poles celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November, called Turkey Day. It’s similar to our Christmas because it’s like family. All families come for this holiday. Then there are the largest number of flights and most car trips.

– Can it be compared to a Polish Christmas Eve, when everyone goes to their family homes?– No, because Thanksgiving has no religious aspects and no reference to any religion. We meet because we want to thank ourselves.

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