Polish woman living in United States of America, set up an account on tik toco (under the name “Touristkawusa”), in order to keep up with his fellow countrymen from life abroad.

– We read in the description of the Polish woman’s profile on TikTok.

The account is full of various recordings, from which we can see, for example, what the problem of eating in the United States or shopping not only in groceries, but also in zoos and sports looks like. The latest movie “Turistos” stirred up a lot of feelings. She played the main roles … toilets.

Polish women showed what public toilets looked like in the United States. ‘Gaps in the door are the worst’

“Torystkawusa” posted a video on her TikTok, which in just one day became a huge hit on the network. Currently, it has approximately 327 thousand. He plays, and the number continues to grow. The main topic of the video is public baths in the United States.

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The author of the recording jokingly wrote.

In the video, which is only twelve seconds long, we can see what the example looks like toilets audience in the United States. There are large gaps under the cab doors and smaller ones on the sides.

Puts the sign “tourist kavus”.

but that is not all. As it turned out, the cabin doors open inward.

In the comments under the registration on TikTok, netizens often assert that these public toilets in the United States are the norm. Others praised the Polish toilet. It should be noted that American public toilets are different from European toilets. They provide less privacy and intimacy. They often have large gaps in the cab doors (top and bottom), as well as smaller gaps on the sides. Most public toilets in Europe are built.