Poland’s competitors in Group D, with the exception of Israel, which ranks 43 in the FIBA ​​world rankings (and 22nd in Europe), will be Germany, the participants in the Tokyo Olympics (FIBA 11, 9 in Europe) and Estonia (FIBA 49, 26 in Europe) .).

The tournaments will be held in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines (there will be a group and finals in Manila). In the first stage of the European Qualifiers, eight groups of four (AH) were created. The competition with the peer-to-peer system will start from November 25-29 and end in July 2022 (“three windows” in the calendar).

The best three teams from each will advance to the next stage. In the second stage, 24 teams will play in four groups (IL, made up of group AB, CD, EF, GH), six teams each, with the results of the first stage with the teams fighting more). Group D “Poland” will join the DC teams (Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Sweden). The competition runs from August 2022 to February 2023 in three windows. 12 national teams from Europe will be promoted to the World Championship. 32 teams will play in the World Cup.

The Polish national team, which did not find any competitor from the first and strongest basket (Spain, Slovenia, France and Serbia) during the draw, occupies thirteenth place in the classification of the International Basketball Federation, and tenth in Europe. This is the result of a very successful performance in the 2019 World Cup in China, where the team led by coach Mike Taylor finished eighth, and participated in the final tournament for the first time in 52 years (in Uruguay in 1967, the team coach Witold Zagorski won fifth).

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In October, Taylor, by decision of the PZKosz authorities, was replaced by a Croatian-Polish national, Igor Milic, who was also the coach of the Polish champion Arged BM Slam Stal Ostrów Wlkp in Warsaw. To date, one of the assistants to the new director has been Marek Popiotic, who held this position.

Milicić revitalized the team, and the oldest basketball player on the team preparing for elimination was 29-year-old Jaroslaw زيeskowski, who is also the son of former actor Jaroslav.

Several teams including world champion Spain. In the lineup, only one player took the gold at the World Championships in China in 2019 – 33-year-old Quino Colom, who became the captain. The Spaniards include not only the brothers Gasol-Pau and Marc, who finished their national career, but also basketball players from the NBA (including Ricky Rubio, the best player of the 2019 World Cup).

Many other national teams would have to deal without NBA players, incl. France, Lithuania and Germany. In addition, in the opening matches on Thursday and Friday, the majority of the team will not play in the Euroleague teams, which conflict with the International Basketball Federation, because the latter did not include a break for the World Cup qualifiers in its calendar. .

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For this reason, captain Mateusz Bonnetka of Zenita Sankt Petersburg will not play for Milicic in Tel Aviv (his team will play Panathinaikos on Thursday in Athens). The Israeli team will be absent from Alba Berlin basketball player Tamir Platt, who will play in the Euroleague against Maccabi Tel Aviv on Thursday. However, the best club in Israel ever kicked out the country’s representatives, enabling them to play against Poland and Estonia.

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Poland competed with Israel in the European Championship 2022 qualifiers and lost twice – in Gliwice 71:75 and in Valencia 72:78. Both teams won promotion to Eurobasket next year. The historical balance of matches with this opponent is unfavorable for Poland – three wins and eight losses.

However, with another competitor in this window – Germany (Sunday in Lublin), the Poles have a positive balance – six wins and four losses. For the last time, the white and red team played with basketball players across the Oder River in the city of Sharm. 2014 European Championship and won both matches. At the Tokyo Olympics, Germany, one of the host countries of the 2022 European Championship, finished eighth.

Estonia, which will face only Poland (4-3 credits for white and red) in the next FIBA ​​window – in February 2022, will also take part in next year’s Old Continental Championships in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Georgia.

The breakdown into the FIBA ​​Europe European Championships:

A: Serbia, Latvia, Belgium, Slovakia

B: Greece, Turkey, Great Britain and Belarus

Group C: Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Sweden

D: Germany, Poland, Israel, Estonia

E: France, Montenegro, Hungary, Portugal

Group F: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria

Group G: Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, North Macedonia

H: Italy, Russia, Holland, Iceland