It looks like the electric locomotive has been messed up. Just a few days after describing the Bonnet app and the possibility of cheap charging at Ionity stations, the startup decided to radically change the regulations. Some changes take effect immediately, and some will come immediately. In our view, the most important thing is to remove Poland from the list of supported countries.

The Bonnet app isn’t for Poles yet, unless…

The most important new thing is the need to refer to the country in which we are stationed. The app asks about it as of Wednesday, June 15th. On Wednesday, June 22, it will be mandatory to select the country. When we select them, we will receive prices in the local currency. The list of supported countries are UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy. Poland is not there.

How do app developers justify this change? Well, they wrote that they wanted to focus on growth in select countries. In the rest (read: in Poland) may appear in the future. Our readers’ testimonials show that everything is going well so far, but by June 22 at the latest, our readers will be faced with a difficult choice. Either they choose Poland as the country and they will be cut off from the network, or they will mislead the app by choosing Germany for example, thus breaking regulations and risking other consequences, including cutting the app when it’s most needed – when traveling outside the country [spekulacje].

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That’s not all: prepaid kilowatt-hours (Bonnet calls it packages, plugins) are only valid in the country we refer to as the home country. When we leave it, we’ll be billed at the Pay-as-You-Go (PAYGO) rate, which is about 40 percent lower than Ionity’s non-subscription rates (sourceafter the sign of Nabro). For Germany, it is 0.41 euros / kWh, which is equivalent to 1.92 PLN / kWh.

Ionic is not for businesses

Not the best news also comes from Ionita. Our readers receive their first monthly operator bill. As it turned out, despite the presence of the company in the European Union, it does not issue invoices to Poland. Nor does it serve entrepreneurs, at least in the form we might expect. No matter how we sign up, we will be natural people every time we ship.

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