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Dying Light is one of the most popular games produced by Poles. It was first shown a few years ago, but yesterday it debuted on the Nintendo Switch portable console. Several logistical problems arose with regard to the Prime Minister.

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Europeans will have trouble buying

The premiere of Dying Light on the Nintendo Switch doesn’t follow manufacturer errors. It is impossible to buy the game digitally throughout Europe – in order to get it we need a physical copy. Currently, most games are being moved to digital sales, and buying “physics” is a thing of the past, so Techland may have trouble selling its products.

A product employee explained the source of the problem on Reddit. – Digital modification due to the nature of the game is currently prohibited in GermanyWhere the European eShop is registered. It makes it impossible for us to distribute in European countries as well as in Australia and New Zealand. We are currently working with local authorities and our partners to lift the ban as quickly as possible. The digital game is available in United States of America And Asia, and worldwide fund release (except Germany) – the employee will end.

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Germany I have a very strict law regarding computer games. Dying Light’s problem is brutal – the title is finally kept in a survival horror convention. As a result, the Techland product is not available for purchase in Germany in both versions, and in the case of the digital version, it also affects other countries.

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Nowoci na Nintendo

The premiere on the Nintendo Switch is a good opportunity to remind the world about the existence of Dying Light. The game was a hit a few years ago and now it’s finally coming to the portable console as well. Manufacturers have added a number of features such as: HD rumble, touch screen support, rotation guidance, local collaboration, networking, and motion control. All this to better match the game under Switch.

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