Polish Fiat 126p appeared at the presentation of an American dealer. Check how much you have to pay to have a good little baby in the USA.

Of course, the Fiat 126p isn’t officially sold in the US, but in recent years a dozen or so kids have been sent overseas. This is mainly due to representatives of American Polonia who, out of sentiment, import these cars to the United States.

The hero of our article today is Polish Fiat 126p from 1986, which was featured at the Classic Auto Mall show in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, a dealership that specializes in selling classic cars. The version shown in the pictures is The so-called full FL, featuring wide fenders, plastic side moldings, and a new interior type with a more comprehensive instrument cluster.

We learn from advertising that 11 years ago, still in Poland, the presented little boy has been fully restored, and currently has only minor problems with the starter (presumably new parts are on the way). In the classic interior with black leather upholstered seats, the most eye-catching feature is the contemporary Kenwood radio, auxiliary speakers on the rear rack and third brake light.

However, we were very interested in the license plates in this copy. The Fiat 126p described in Pennsylvania is registered as a historic vehicle, but it’s still ahead Polish numerals from Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The seller is waiting for this car $12,000, i.e. about 47,000 PLN. The original ad and more pictures can be found at this address.

Source: Classic Auto Mall

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