“So far, no decision has been taken to evacuate Polish diplomats from Ukraine, and such a decision will only be taken when necessary,” said government spokesman Peter Muller. He stressed that in the event of Russia’s attack on this country, the “international democratic community” would respond with severe sanctions.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Müller was asked what the Polish government is doing to prepare for the most negative scenario of an escalation beyond our eastern borders.

First of all, we focus on properly securing Ukraine itself, because a safe Ukraine is also a safe Poland The government spokesman responded.

That is why we and many of our allies have decided to support the Ukrainian state with military equipment and other necessary materials – in order to try to repel this attack in the event of a possible attack from Russia. – added.

As he said, the second issue is that a clear signal should be sent to Russia that in the event of an attack, “the entire democratic international community” will respond with “extremely negative and unequivocal economic sanctions that will severely affect Russia.”

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Mueller was also asked about letters in which local government officials were asked to provide a list of accommodation facilities for potential refugees from Ukraine. “Local government authorities (…) are obligated to provide a list of facilities that can serve as temporary shelter for visitors,” Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ryszard Terliky, said on Sunday in an interview with “Dzinik Polski”. He also added, up to one million people are expected to arrive in Poland.

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The government spokesperson emphasized that in a situation like the current one, “different scenarios must be considered.” As he noted, if the most negative of them materializes, “we must take into account the movements of people from Ukraine.”

Such a scenario must be drawn up, although we hope that it will not come true – He said. However, the government spokesperson did not say how many people Poland would be willing to accept. As he explained, he does not want to provoke “extra negative feelings.” Currently, we are investigating the potential of individual local governments – added.

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The interview also asked if Poland would follow the example of other countries that are withdrawing their diplomats from Ukraine. Mueller replied that no such decision has been made at the moment.

When we were in Kiev, we gave a clear signal that such decisions would be made when necessary – He said. As he added, There are many Poles in Ukraine, so diplomatic missions in this country play a “very important role”.

When asked if Poland is considering sending an appeal to its citizens to leave Ukraine, the government spokesman answered so At the moment there is a message that you should not go to this country if it is not necessary.

If someone wants to leave Ukraine, this is really a personal decision. It should also be remembered that many Poles live in Ukraine. It’s not like they’re staying there temporarily A government spokesman said.

for weeks Russian forces are concentrated on the border with Ukraine. These measures raise serious concerns in Western countries whose leaders believe that there is a risk of military action by the state. Moscow claims that there are no such plans, while demanding guarantees from the United States and NATO not to extend the alliance to Ukraine and to withdraw its infrastructure “from the borders of Russia”.

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Due to the growing tension in the region, the governments of Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Spain were invited to leave Ukraine and not to transfer their citizens to this country. Similar messages have already been issued by governments, incl. USA, UK, Latvia, Norway, Japan, Canada and Israel.

On Saturday, for the fourth time since the crisis began, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to each other by phone. The US administration said the interview was “to the point and professional” but “did not change the basic dynamics of the situation that we have been observing for several weeks.” In an interview on Sunday with CNN, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed that An attack on Ukraine could happen at any time Next week, after the Olympics, which will run until February 20.

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