The TVP World test is broadcast from the Eutelsat 33E satellite. This orbital location is rarely chosen, available only to fans of satellite receivers. Those interested in streaming should be content with the Internet.

TVB World. There were problems with receiving the channel

English-language TVP is dominated by Central and Eastern European content. The main topics discussed relate to immigrants and Belarus. However, problems arose from the beginning of the channel.

On social media, complaints began to emerge from the Polish community from all over the world, complaining about the inability to receive the channel. As users type, the screen displays a message that the station is unavailable for licensing reasons. This is likely the result of TVP’s contract with the international news agencies whose material is used in the programmes.

TVP like CNN and BBC? Dozens of people watch the show

On TVP World, it is available on and on YouTube. We decided to check how willingly users choose the channel. It turns out that among the fairy tales one can put statements about the spread of the Polish narrative around the world.


4 days after the launch of the channel, its popularity has become very low. November 22 at 12 Watch it on YouTube only… 52 people. It should be noted that it is not known how popular the channel is on the TVP website. However, it can be assumed that it was not chosen willingly by users.