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Łukasz Skorupski

Football players who play in the best leagues in Europe are becoming an increasing target for thieves and criminals. More than once it was possible to hear that the property of a particular player was stolen, and the players themselves are trying to protect themselves in every possible way. Łukasz Skorupski, whose house was ransacked by thieves, didn’t shy away from drama either.

The practice of stealing players has become dangerously “common”, especially in Britain. Players in the Premier League were regularly robbed, and criminals easily tracked their possessions, since there was no shortage of valuables. Unfortunately, this practice has spread to other countries as well, and terrifying reports have reached fans with alarming regularity.

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Łukasz Skorupski stole. Thieves took valuable things

Polish footballers are also victims of thieves. Some time ago you could read about the attack on Arcadius Melek, when he was still in Italy. Thieves took his precious watch. Now another representative of the Polish national team, ukasz Skorupski, has suffered heavy losses. Golkiper plays in Bologna, Italy, on a daily basis.

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Skorupski’s big losses. Thieves stole his house

As he told “Przegląd Sportowy”, it all happened on January 17th. Then Skorobsky played a match with the team against Napoli. The competition took place in Bologna. While the goalkeeper of the Polish national team was fighting for points, his house was ransacked by thieves. The property was empty as the player’s wife and son were also present on the field.

Skorupski suffered heavy losses. The thieves took from the house watches, jewelry, and clothes of the competitor and his relatives. The value of the stolen goods is estimated at 70,000 euros, which is more than 316,000 PLN. zloty. Italian police opened an investigation into the case.

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