Polish policemen do not yet have such problems with electric mobility as officers from abroad. In some countries, they are used frequently.

Law enforcement officers from Great Britain began to complain about the ineffectiveness of this type of car. They already have a large number of electric police cars at their disposal.

> He was fleeing the police Tesla in a Mustang. An electrician in comfort keeping up with him (video)

The commissioner explains that he heard that the police car had to be replaced several times during the process. Discharged batteries did not allow the criminals to be arrested successfully.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

The Gloucestershire Police have at their disposal the largest fleet of this type in Great Britain. Up to 21 percent of police cars are powered by electric power.

The cars used are the 66 Nissan Leaf and the 9 Nissan NV200. Officers feared the future and the planned introduction of a ban on the sale of internal combustion vehicles.

Hopefully this will be rethought and eventually some consensus will be reached. In Great Britain, the ban on internal combustion cars will apply from 2030.

> Police ordered 184 electric Mustangs. This is the most powerful version of the GT with 487 hp

Of course, the problem does not apply only to British officers. Soon it will become familiar and will be noticed by policemen from other countries as well.