A house party at Cleethorpes where more than 40 people were having fun with themselves was dismantled by the police in the early hours of Level 2 lockdown restrictions that began in Northeast Lincolnshire.

Over 40 people have been dispersed and a £ 60 homeowner alert for breaching him Covid-19 Regulations at a house party on Davenport Drive in Claythurbs.

Humberside Police His host says he will likely face a £ 10,000 fine for planning ahead for a major party as North Lincolnshire entered a Level 2 lockdown at 12.01am.

General view of Davenport Drive in Claythurbs

The Covid-19 alert level in the region was raised from “Medium” – also known as Level 1 – to “High” – also known as Level 2 – at 12.01 am on Saturday.

This means that families cannot mix indoors – at home or anywhere else indoors.

The chief neighborhood force inspector, Paul French, called the previously planned party a “reckless breach”, which could put people at risk of contracting the deadly virus at a time of mounting infections.

He said: “This was a reckless breach of Covid 19 systems at a critical time as this deadly virus continues to spread and harm our societies.

“Obviously the party was pre-planned and by the time we arrived there were more than 40 people in the house. This is not only illegal, it increases the risk of infecting many other people.

General view of Davenport Drive in Claythurbs

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“We know this is a really difficult time for people, and it’s not about stopping people’s fun and celebrations, it’s about saving lives.

“The vast majority of our societies follow regulations and make huge personal sacrifices, so when this type of event comes to our attention, we must take strong action against those involved.

“I would like to call on everyone to work with us on these new restrictions and make sure that they are not putting themselves or others at risk of infection.

“If we learn or come across blatant and reckless violations such as pre-planned large parties, we will take action against the host and this may result in a fine of £ 10,000.”