Many Polish motorcycle racing fans are still unable to convince themselves to follow foreign matches. We have enough PGE Ekstraliga for them. As it turns out, they don’t know what they’re missing. – Broadcasts must be played from Bauhaus-Ligan, for example, for a unique atmosphere. This malice is completely different. There, not much attention is paid to the health of the starting or the overall performance of the competition. The atmosphere is more flexible. Half an hour before the start, runners often do not get dressed. Thanks to this stagnation, they simply play with the highway – Maciej Markowski explains. – Most facilities are not built with wings as in Poland. Fans bring lounge chairs to themselves, and he can still come from four to six thousand people – and he is praised.

Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, foreign championships are no longer ceremonial races, differing only slightly in terms of organizational level from Polish motor racing. After a two-year hiatus, the Swedish League is back at higher levels. There is a greater financial risk to the players. Calculated average team returns, which is calculated by adding the player’s starting point averages from the previous season and must be between eight and eleven points. In addition, there is an obligation to have Swedish players on the match team – the commentator does the math

Bauhaus Leganes remains the second best league in the world. I won’t lie to say that 90% of PGE Ekstraliga players have their second club in Sweden. He stresses that Denmark and England do not have a car lane at the moment.

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We, who watch Swedish matches from the perspective of Polish sofas, will be more interested in the look of white and red. Who is worth a closer look? – I recommend to pay attention to Piraterna Motala, a practically Polish team, whose match we will show at the opening ceremony – the commentator advises. Peter Pawlicki, Marcin Nowak, Jacob Jamroge and Oscar Favre will go in their place. In addition, there are Vaclav Milik and two Swedes in the reserve. It will be an interesting team based on players who are performing well in the Polish Premier League. No one has crossed it out and tomorrow you will be able to safely fight the heroes of the country on an equal footing. It’s also loaded with the star Lejonen Gislaved. Patrick Dodek and Bartosz Zmerzlik are advised with Jacob Mikoviak in the first round. They’ve been positioned as the favorites in the entire league — he says.

There are also other interesting topics. – I would like to compare Vastervik with Betard Sparta Wrocław. Bartosz Smektała goes there, Pawe Przedpełski goes, but Łaguta and Kułakow were also supposed to be there. And Morgan Anderson, the club’s “leader” and coach of the Swedish national team, was indignant that the Russians had been suspended. no wonder. After all, he lost two leaders, because a year earlier Kulakov had been amazingly performing on Swedish soil. It’s worth taking a look at their meetings to see how they handle these penalties in other competitions – our expert believes.

Vastervik is not the only team like Betard Sparta Wrocław. Dackarna Mallilla shares with the Lower Silesian club not only the presence of Maciej Janowski, but also … the problem of defending the championship. – They have become very weak. Jason Doyle left for Great Britain and Ty and Vinden chose to start in Denmark, as did Frederic Jacobsen, who had to sign the contract in his home country due to the requirements of Danish sponsors. The Swedish champion is in a lot of trouble. Yanovsky, Odnicki, Becker, Kurtz and Ludwid Lindgren are not quite as strong as last year. Therefore, there is no indication that last year’s winners will redistribute the cards again, Markovsky believes

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