The struggle for the life of a detached tycoon continues in the UK. The British court agreed to the request of the hospital in Plymouth and did not agree to the right of access of the Consul of the Republic of Poland. Meanwhile, according to Interia, the Budzik Clinic announced its readiness to accept the patient.

alarm clock clinic Willing to accept a Polish who was cut off from contact with food and water by a decision of a British court, the portal reported on Tuesday. – There is no objection to transferring the patient to us – said the professor. Wojciech Maksymowicz, MP for the Convention and member of the Clinic’s Supervisory Board.

It’s about RS, a middle-aged man (personal details withheld for the sake of the family), who has been living in England for several years. On November 6, 2020, a Pole had a cardiac arrest lasting at least 45 minutes. According to the hospital, he later suffered severe and permanent brain damage. Therefore, the facility in Plymouth, where our citizen resides, has applied to the court for permission to separate from food and water.

The case caused such sentiment that politicians were implicated. At the request of Andre Duda Intervened, inter alia, Minister of the Presidency Krzysztof SzczerskiBut the breakthrough did not materialize, which means that the chances of RS survival are decreasing. “Today I had a long conversation with British Ambassador Anna Clones on the issue of our compatriot. I must admit that the conversation was difficult. I also spoke to the Polish ambassador in London, and I am in constant contact with the Polish consuls who are in Plymouth (original spelling – edited) “- said Szczerski on Twitter on Monday, as the portal reminds us.

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The alarm clock clinic will see a sick pole. “We are talking about saving lives directly.”

Maksimovich emphasized that the resident pole in Great Britain is not on a respirator and does not require artificial life support, and therefore, in his opinion, transporting the patient is not a problem. Interia states that the man’s wife and children were in favor of this solution. Mother and two sisters are opposing.

According to Entrea, Wojciech Maksimovich – a neurosurgeon and professor of medical sciences – had previously contacted the presidential administration. – I handed over to the services of President Andrei Duda so that there was information about our offer at the talks of Minister Szczyrsky. It should be clearly emphasized that they do not want to give this patient food or drink. There are, of course, waiting lists, Maksimovich said, but in this case we are talking about directly saving lives.

I don’t hack the brain damage method, but this guy is alive and breathing himself. This is enough for me. It does not matter whether it is a vegetative state or a state of minimal consciousness. In such a situation, you have to shake the patient’s hand and try.

Wojciech Maksimovic

He emphasized again that transporting the patient from London – from a medical point of view – should not be a problem. – These patients are transferred. We recently accepted a comatose magnate who came to us from Holland – the doctor and politician noted.

Let us remind you that the man has already been disconnected from the machine that supplies food and water several times. A video clip appeared from the Polish family archive on the Internet, in which you can see the patient interacting with his relatives and blinking his eyes. “The Pole breathes independently, reacts to the presence of his family, suffers and cries” – you can read in one of the video descriptions from the Plymouth Hospital. Relatives believe that the man’s condition has improved significantly.

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