Eurovision has never been kind to the Poles. But this time, fortune can smile at us, and talented Christian Ochmann has a chance to win the competition. After the infamy of Rafai Brzozowski a year ago, we are very pleased with this development.

Eurovision is not the kind of competition for us. Only a few singers of our nationality have reached a place higher than the Gray tip. However, the Poles love Eurovision and always keep their fingers crossed for our representative.

This year, our fate at Eurovision has a chance to change. Christian Auchmann, who has a really good reputation, flew to Turin, where the competition is held. Specialists see him as the dark horse at Eurovision 2022.

Thus, there are many indications of this Poland has a great chance this year to win a high position. Bookmakers also believe strongly in Krystian Ochman, which we can take as a good sign.

Christian Ochmann will win Eurovision?!

Does Christian Ochmann have a chance to win Eurovision 2022? Well, anything can happen! The competition begins today with the first semi-final. Ochman will play in the semi-finals on 12.05 and, if he moves on, on 14 May he will have a chance to win the competition.

In the bookmakers’ predictions on, The Kalush Orchestra representing Ukraine is an unparalleled candidate for first place. Formation has up to 49 percent. chances of winning. Italy (Mahmoud and Blanco) took the next place on the podium with 13 per cent. and the United Kingdom (Sam Ryder) with nine percent. Chances of winning first place.

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The Polish candidate is seventh with two percent. chances of winning. We give the top ten the best chance to be on the podium:

  1. Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra (49%)
  2. Italy – Mahmoud and Blanco – Privedi (13 percent).
  3. UK – Sam Ryder – Spaceman (nine percent)
  4. Sweden – Cornelia Jacobs – Hold Me Closer (eight percent)
  5. Spain – Chanel – Silomo (four percent).
  6. Greece – Amanda Tenfuord – We Die Together (Two Percent)
  7. Poland – Christian Uchmann – river (two percent)
  8. Norway – Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana (one percent)
  9. Netherlands – S10 – De Diepte (one percent)
  10. Serbia Constructa – in Corpor Sano (one percent)

For once, someone sees us in the top ten. Do you believe in Christian and cross your fingers with him? We definitely do!