Getting from Poland to the islands is currently not easy. Test before boarding, upon arrival – quarantine and two more tests, not cheap, because PCR. Isolation should last 10 days, although buying and taking another test on the fifth day may shorten it.

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The UK is updating its access rules

On Thursday, June 24, this could, in theory, change. The UK Department for Transport updates the charts every three weeks and announces which countries are moving up or down. Not many countries are on the green list yet – the government makes it clear that it does not want to import cases and variants that could threaten the country’s opening plan.

The aviation and tourism industries are calling for the rules to be relaxed. Because summer has begun, the barriers to thinking about island travelers in the sun of Portugal, Malta or Spain have not disappeared.

Upgrading to the green list means no isolation commitment and only one PCR test on the second day after access to the islands. This would make life easier, for example, for Polish immigrants who want to visit their families in Poland. On the other hand, Warsaw has introduced its borders. After reaching the Vistula River, a seven-day quarantine is mandatory, but it is not mandatory for people who have received two doses of the vaccine, because the most contagious Indian type prevails in the kingdom.

Thursday’s update officially covers only England, but in the past Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have coordinated bases with the kingdom’s largest country.

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