Last week, the European Commission activated the conditionality mechanism in the EU budget only towards Hungary. Why not against Poland? – The magazine asks and concludes that there are two main reasons.

The Hungarian case is even clearer, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban using EU funds to create a network of patrons to bolster his power. More complicated is establishing a relationship between the group’s budget and the deterioration of the rule of law in Poland.

The second reason, as “El Confidencial” thinks, is better Warsaw plays their cards. There are many factions in the Polish government, including anti-European ones, but President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki show Brussels a “friendly face”. in addition to Morawiecki benefits from the great importance of Poland in the European Union – Evaluates the magazine.

‘Poland can be peaceful’

The head of the Polish government – Mateusz Morawiecki has become the strongest voice against Russia, he calls for more decisive measures and is trying to provide more support to Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invasion.

“Every time the Polish prime minister attacks the Russian president (Vladimir Putin), PiS was getting more oxygen in Brussels and European capitals.”

– He writes “El Confidencial”.

Poland began reaping the fruits of its confrontation with Putin long before the brutal invasion of Ukraine, when Belarus used migrants to direct them to the Polish border to destabilize the European Union. PiS subsequently gained strong support from Brussels, although a few weeks ago the Polish Constitutional Court found that some European treaties contradict the Polish constitution, the newspaper reported.

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Warsaw now feels the moral reasons are on a different side. Can Poland be calmFew in Brussels believe that it is now possible to attack a country politically that demonstrates how to deal with Russia. This is not the time for a direct confrontation with Warsaw. Now it is about using Poland’s role to strengthen from the outside those groups in the PiS that are striving to return the country to the heart of the European Union – concludes “El Confidencial”.

Source:, PAP