“Poland is at the forefront of the European Union in terms of GDP dynamics” – Tomanic noted. He also indicated that according to Eurostat data, the annual decline in Polish GDP, seasonally adjusted, is -1.8%. “Only Lithuania recorded a lower decrease (-1.6%)”

According to the Ministry of Development, Greece (-11.7%), Croatia (-10%) and Malta (-9.2%) recorded the largest decreases.

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A deep decline was recorded in the UK (-9.6%). GDP grew from & nbsprail in & nbsp Ireland (8.1%) and in & nbsp Sweden (2.7%).

The deputy minister also commented on the employment data. Eurostat reported that in the third quarter, year-on-year headcount remained down 2.3%. In & nbsp the eurozone and o & nbsp2 & nbspproc. In & nbspUE.


“The third quarter saw the largest decline in employment (year-on-year) in Spain (-5%) and nbspw & nbspEstonia (-4.7%)” – noted the Deputy Minister.

Poland, along with Malta (+ 2.4%) and Luxembourg (+ 1.9%), were among the three economies that “recorded growth in employment compared to the third quarter of last year, at 0.5%”. – & nbsp marked MRPiT Vice President.

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