Even in 2019, the Polish economy left Iran, Thailand, Sweden and Belgium in the conquered field. Looks like we’re going to go up and chase Taiwan and Switzerland. The latest forecasts of the International Monetary Fund indicate that over the next five years, we cannot count on catching up with these countries. And it turns out that in a pandemic, someone outnumbered us.

  • Twenty-second place in the ranking of the world’s economies is temporarily the peak of our capabilities
  • From this position last year, Iran has abandoned us, and thanks to oil prices, this country affected by US sanctions will enter the top 20 list
  • Taiwan and Switzerland are ahead, and will remain that way for the next five years, although we will catch some distance – IMF forecasts
  • When it comes to the wealth level of the population, we are much further away than we are near the top twenty, because we are well beyond the top forty
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In 2019, our GDP was $597 billion. And we were on the verge of breaking into the 21st place in the world economic rankings. Before us, it was Taiwan with $612 billion. But the epidemic has changed a lot.