October 17, 2021, 13:26

During the two-hour broadcast of Minecraft Live 2021, among others, the new update The Wild Update, the Minecraft PC Bundle bundle on Xbox Game Pass and further development of Minecraft: Dungeons.


  • Another update announced Maine CraftAnd wild update, which will introduce a new biome in the depths of darkness and mangrove swamp,
  • Minecraft: Dungeons You will receive new game modes,
  • It will appear on Xbox Game Pass Minecraft Pack for PCrelease package Bedrock I Java.
  • Slug won the vote for another mob to appear in Minecraftie.
  • The second part of the update Cave and cliffs It will allow users of different versions of the game to create similar worlds.

The Minecraft Live 2021 event is over, and during the broadcast that lasted more than two hours, Mojang studio presented, among other things, News about upcoming updates Maine Craftannounced his arrival Minecraft Pack for PC In Xbox Game Pass, seasonal mode was introduced with the passage of battle Minecraft: Dungeons.

Minecraft 1.19 – Wild Update

Mojang shared his development plans Maine Craft After the next second part of the update Caves and cliffs. The next update will be called, scheduled for 2022 wild. It will be smaller than before, but it will introduce important novelties and changes, especially in terms of increasing biome diversity.

Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass, The Wild Update, and more - Minecraft Live 2021 Summary - Illustration #1

Mangrove forest in concept art. ?? Source: Mojang.

The first novelty will be the Deep Dark biome, Which was originally supposed to come out with the update Caves and cliffs. Players will explore mysterious ancient cities, temples and other structures, hiding various secrets and unique loot, of which there are many in the Deep Dark. You will also find new Skullk and Warden blocks. The latter reacts to smells and sounds, so in order to avoid this, the player will have to sneak in and use the surroundings to trick the monster. The horror atmosphere will be complemented by annoying sounds and romantic music.

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wild update It is the increase in the diversity of biomes through the appearance of a greater number of elements characteristic of a given environment. The swamps with large mangroves seem to change often. Players will be able to move under their roots, and new trees also mean a new type of wood. Frogs, tadpoles, and fireflies will also appear in the mangrove swamp.

Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass, The Wild Update, and more - Minecraft Live 2021 Summary - Illustration #2

Swamp with skylights. Art concept. ?? Source: Mojang.

Minecraft: Dungeons – The Cloudy Climb

The cloudy climb It is another update for Minecraft: Dungeons. After the six DLCs (the last one is Echo Och³aniWe wrote about it Here) The game will receive a seasonal adventure mode with a battle card full of prizes, Available in free and paid options.

Interestingly enough, seasons will not end with the start of the following seasons, as is the case with most games. The player will be able to go back to previous seasons and complete missions from them at any time. There will also be a new game mode, The Tower, in which we will have to traverse the title tower with levels of increasing difficulty, full of unique items and enemies. In order not to be too easy, the player will start each raid with a new character, and the levels in it will be in ?? It changes every two weeks. Update cloudy climbing is to come to him Minecraft: Dungeons in December.

Minecraft Mob Vote

Final vote for the new crowd during the broadcast Minecraftiewhich we have written about more extensively Here. Among the three mob candidates?? Glow, calm and copper golima ?? Players eventually chose Allay to be released into the game with a future update. In the second vote, the creature won 54.3% of the vote. She voted in second place Copper Golem with 45.7%. voices.

Minecraft PC Bundle with Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass, The Wild Update, and more - Minecraft Live 2021 Summary - Illustration #4

Mojang fulfilled the wishes of computer lovers ?? They will get it eventually Minecraft Pack for PC, This is it Minecraft: Bedrock Edition I Minecraft: Java Edition In one bundle, which will also carry over to Xbox Game Pass on November 2. In 2022, the bundle will also be available for off-sales, and people who already have one version will get the other for free.

Minecraft – Caves and Cliffs Part 2

More details about the second part of the update can not be missing Caves and cliffs. Maine Craft You’ll finally create worlds in a similar way, regardless of version, thanks to the “seed parity” function. Bedrock Edition I Java version They created different lands in spite of the same seed?? This is about to change now. The creators tweeted with a video showing the effects of their work using the same seed in both versions:

Another important novelty will be “Mixing the World”. Players will be able to transfer their worlds to the latest version Maine CraftThis is what the blend option should do. One of the developers showed on the broadcast an example of his own land, which after loading in the new version was automatically expanded by the game using the cave system. You can see the result of this action on the screen below:

Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass, The Wild Update, and more - Minecraft Live 2021 Summary - Illustration #5

Blend the world into practice. ?? Source. Mojang.

The second part of the update Caves and cliffs It will be available, as announced during the broadcast, by the end of this year.

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Minecraft Live 2021?? Video material:

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