In May, Maria Andrejczyk made only one official start in the competition. However, he was exceptional, and as a result the Polish woman was named Player of the Month in a fan vote organized by European Athletics.

picture: Marek Peczek /

71.40 m – this is the result achieved by Maria Andrijk during the second day of the European Cup, which was held in the first half of May in Split. Naturally, the result of the javelin thrower Podlasie allowed to win the competition, but this is not the end. The 25-year-old, who represents the colors of LUKS Hańcza Suwałki club, also entered the stats as a player with the third best result in the history of the discipline. Far from Andrejczyk, only Czech Barbora Spotakova (72.28 m) and Kubanka Osleidys Menendez (71.70 m) were javelin throwers.

No wonder, then, that it was Podlasianka who won the vote organized by the European Athletics Championships for the best athlete in May. The choice was made by fans who have no doubt that Maria Andrejczyk deserves the prestigious distinction.

The Polish woman left on the undefeated court such players as: Xenia Kresan (Hungary, shot put), Cindy Semper (Great Britain, runner) and Yurende van Klinken (Netherlands, discus).

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