“I hope you get a pension of over 500 and 14, and that we stop adding this money. You paid nothing to your government, and we managed – with a normal, honest job. I would like the hot water policy back” – he said one of the participants in the meeting with Donald Tusk in Szczecin .

PO member wants 500 plus

The Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration, Paweł Szefernaker, published a video from the “MeetUp PO” meeting in Szczecin. In the movie, a disgruntled man introducing himself as a mailbox member tells Donald Tusk that he’s tired of paying extra for people receiving benefits.

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“I hope you will take 500 the surplus and the fourteenth pension, and that we will stop adding this money to the people who will collect it. When we stop bidding on socialism with the communists, what we will add, pay more, co-financing etc.” says the man.

“I remember your governments and then you paid for nothing, and we managed – normal, honest business. And it was great. I’d like the hot water on tap policy back” – adds the man.

Tusk previously promised to keep 500 plus

The movie does not show Tusk’s answer. The leader of the Civic Platform, in a meeting with the youth, during a meeting with the Nowa Generacja Platforma Obywatelska in Szczecin, was asked about the party’s plans in the event of an election victory. He also promised that PO 500 plus would be retained, and he is the only guarantor of it.

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– Only the responsible authority, only people like us are able to save more than 500. (…]If we are really, terribly intimidated by Kurski TV, we think for a moment what to do so that it means 500 plus 500 plus, and not minus 1000, Then first of all we must effectively remove these people from power – stressed Tusk.

Tusk on PiS policy: They took more than 500, they didn’t give it

Four days a week design work

He also promised that we will have a careful pilot project of four working days a week prepared for the elections. – I think we should in Poland, and that would be my suggestion, if we win the elections – sorry: when we win the elections – to start the program as soon as possible (there should be a pilot program first) for the shortened work week – said the head of the civic platform, applause from the audience.

He noted that there are two models for this solution – shortening the working day or the whole week, although it is rather referred to as a four-day work week.

He criticized Adam Glapinski’s policy as head of the National Bank of Poland and outgoing Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson. He also promised that one of the first decisions in the event of winning the elections “is the legal possibility to enter into partnerships in Poland.


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